The casinos don’t advertise the amount they make on slots. Slot machines are like and “ATM” for the casinos. When they advertise average payouts of 92%, for example, the reverse is also true — They are keeping, on average, 8% of every dollar spent on that machine. In addition, this…

Dogecoin is getting a lot of press these days.

In fact, all crypto currencies, from Bitcoin to NFT’s are getting a lot of press, and each tweet and market high drive the internet wild.

I used to mine Dogecoin about 6 years ago, and sold it all (no regrets, my…

I bought $100 worth of Doge yesterday. Elon Musk (now being called the “Dogefather”) is sure to be mentioning it on Saturday night live this Saturday.

Commemorative Dogecoin, Now a best seller on Amazon!

The internet is losing its mind over this, with all kinds of posts — here is a smattering:

“Dogecoin surges to New all-time high…

Secrets of Winning at the Casino’s Slot machines!

They often outnumber the customers and will take back your winnings over time.

Does that mean you should not play?

-No, it means that planning on winning or using a “system” to win will usually result in disappointment.

Here is my approach — Play the slots for FUN. Find one…

All of us are seeking a magic way to obtain a passive income on-line, and I too am a seeker of the magic fountain of income! (Big grin).

I blog, I do affiliate marketing, and I spend as little as possible on marketing (buying eyeballs) and advertising. my choice was…

There must be consequences.

Inciting a mob to attack and ransack the halls of congress is an affront to American democracy.

This is an abuse of power on American soil that cannot go unchecked or excused. …

While it can be time consuming, I always check my bills to see if they are “star” bills. When bills are printed, it is not uncommon to have one in a set that is spoiled or unacceptable for circulation. …

Back in the pre-pandemic days, I would usually bring about $100 — Enough to enjoy the excitement and noise of the casino, but not so much that I would have to miss a mortgage payment if I blew it all.

The management of these stores saddled the stores with debt, and their death knell was hastened by debt service.

In order to eliminate the debt, the companies sold assets (as stated in the other answers), and rewarded upper management for “saving” the company. Many times we see this with leveraged…

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