Does the Casino have slot machine secrets they don’t want you to know?

  1. Know the paytables. Understand if the machine only pays a jackpot on maximum bet (like a progressive machine), or pays out miserly on sub par bets. The Paytable is available on every electronic machine, and it will make you much more aware of which machines to play and which to avoid.
  2. Maintain financial discipline. If you are going to have 5 sessions at different slots playing $50 per session, take a break in between sessions. Go to the gift shop. Take a walk. People watch as you enjoy your favorite beverage. Look at the events calendar, stop for live music and anything fun — don’t miss out.
  3. Learn the ropes. Many casinos have free gaming lessons, usually in the mornings, when the casino is less crowded. Never forsake anything free from the Casino! It’s a risk-free way to learn a new game without risking your gaming/session bankroll.
  4. Stop and reflect. Is this fun? Is this machine my friend or a bandit? Slot machines have no emotions, so they don’t earn your loyalty. Having a cold streak? Give that machine a break.
  5. Join the slot club. Ask the slot attendants if there are any new games or a “hot sheet”. Look around — what games are always available, which ones are always taken? That clue may lead you to the more popular games.
  6. Remember to have fun. Bring a friend. Make a friend. enjoy the noise and excitement of the casino. Trust me, I do!




I write for fun!

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Alan Chenkin

Alan Chenkin

I write for fun!

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