Have more celebrities died this year or are we just noticing it more?

The world is growing, and the number of celebrities is getting larger. Morbidly put, more celebrities die because we have more of them, and they are subject to the same pressures as the general population. Not everyone agrees, and Outside the Beltway clearly states it is a statistically higher number.

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We have always been consumed by celebrity deaths:

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If you are a celebrity, and concerned about continuing on until you are older than Willie Nelson, you want to make it to the Smuckers Jelly Jar (you can click on this link when you get close to 100 years old). If you want a non-profit foundation to promote the good you want to do (as your legacy), shoot me an email and let’s set it up.

While celebrity deaths do make headlines, it is very tragic when anyone has their life cut short because of substance abuse, depression, and accidents. You may be a celebrity to someone — a child, spouse, co-worker, or friend — and they will want you to be there for them. Not to mention the super things you can do as a person!

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