How can I start an acting career in a small town? I am currently enrolled in college.

Alan Chenkin, Learned about celebrities reading magazines at the supermarket checkout

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I mean it, this is not a “casual” undertaking — You have to want it so bad you can taste it.

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So here we have a start. Become a street actor. Perform in front of your friends. Ask people to review your bits — and don’t stop… Keep going! Get a side gig (like juggling or performing at Chuck E cheese — something, anything, even remotely acting — you have to support yourself until the paying roles start), and keep working on your skills.

Put your acting chops out there on social media. Have a friend film you, even with a cell phone, and post it on instagram, or tumblr, or facebook. Don’t stop! seek out other actors, ask how they started. Go to casting agents, submit your headshot (yes, you need one) and ask if there are parts available. Opportunity is out there, you just get to it before anyone else!

Break a leg! And yes, I want your autographed headshot for my wall!

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