How much money do you bring to the Casino?

Alan Chenkin
2 min readOct 2, 2020


Back in the pre-pandemic days, I would usually bring about $100 — Enough to enjoy the excitement and noise of the casino, but not so much that I would have to miss a mortgage payment if I blew it all. I am also a “session” gambler, and tend to move around the casino a lot — Playing machines that interest me or have a fun factor — like Elvis singing, stampedes, Haywires, or -on occasion- a loud Craps table.

Since most people (even me) tend to lose at the Casino, I wager with minimal expectations, so disappointment is at a minimum, and the money is the cost of the casino experience. OF course, if the mood is “cold”, and there is no winning to be had, I will cease to gamble and explore gift shop and food offerings before moving on.

I answered this question with the notion that it is just a visit to the local casino, as every state and reservation is looking to get some gaming revenue — If you are going to a casino destination like Las Vegas, or plan to gamble on a cruise ship casino, you would need to plan your visit based on how any times you visit each casino, how long you might stay there, and what kind of gambler you are.

When I travel to and from New York, and I need a clean restroom and twenty minute diversion, I like to stop at the Hollywood Casino in Perryville, Maryland, usually spending about $10–20 as I sample some of the slot machines.

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