Once Luxury auto manufacturers perfect their electric cars what do you think will happen with Tesla since they are not in profit?

The luxury automakers are way behind in Tesla when it comes to making electric cars. And the abundant love for the internal combustion engine beats in the heart of many automobile company executives — who love the money they make from overpriced gasoline powered cars even more.

The Tesla Model 3

This article should give you some insight about Tesla; The War on Tesla, Musk, and the Fight for the Future.

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As for the “luxury” carmakers, they have a long way to go: BMW Has Been Building Mediocre Electric Cars Since 1972. (Until Tesla came along, their perception is that electric cars = golf carts).

Here is my take on Tesla stock: May 1, 2018 | The Chenkin Report, with some background on their competition.

Tesla has built an award-winning, top rated luxury car that “happens to be electric”. Elon Musk has offered his charging technology royalty free to all the other car companies, and they developed their own. Imagine if every appliance in your house had a different plug. Tesla has way more charging stations than anyone else, so that may be a moot point. Tesla To Make Supercharger Network Available To All Automakers.

In my opinion, the “luxury” automakers will not be building a Tesla class car soon (although they all announced their plans to go all electric, and some (like BMW) have released their “me-too” electric car.

Tesla continues to be the most shorted stock in history, but I am rooting for them. Today you can buy proven vehicles (multiple models, and more to come) from Tesla — with more charging stations than any other electric car manufacturer. Electric cars eliminate the gas engine and transmission, losing hundreds of pounds of weight and 1800 parts that can break. and have their own supply and service chain. Right their Tesla has the old gas engine cars beat.

Disclaimer: I own Tesla stock.