Slot machines are like an ATM for the Casinos.

Alan Chenkin
2 min readMay 5, 2021

Secrets of Winning at the Casino’s Slot machines!

They often outnumber the customers and will take back your winnings over time.

Does that mean you should not play?

-No, it means that planning on winning or using a “system” to win will usually result in disappointment.

Here is my approach — Play the slots for FUN. Find one you like, observe the paytable (note the payouts, bet accordingly), and gamble for a preset amount of time or dollar value. (Google “how to become a session gambler”).

If you happen to win, be disciplined enough to pull out the winnings, and put them aside so you can gamble more next time.

While there are many books and systems on how to win at gambling, Slot machines are notorious for sucking you into a game where you may invest considerable money with a poor return, especially if you don’t observe the machines pay table — many slots do not deliver a jackpot unless you have placed the maximum bet (like progressive slots). If you play the smallest bets you are comfortable with (presumably to extend your playing time), be aware of this fact, and check the payouts. You will be very upset if you got a winning payline but it only pays if you are maxing out your bets. You will feel that your jackpot was denied, and that would make for a bitter trip to the casino, feeling you have been cheated — when you actually were not following the payouts.

The penny slot paylines are complex, with 20 to 30 (or more) paylines.

If you are going to the Casino to win at the slots, you can increase your chances of a win (no guarantee here) by predetermining your stake (how much money you bring), learning the paytables, and betting within your means at machines that look fun. (My opinion of a fun machine is one that has Elvis singing, superman, Haywire jackpots, stampeding, and the like, even if your win is small).

Check out this article in Freakonomics:

Congratulations, You’ve Lost! How Slot Machines Disguise Losses as Wins — Freakonomics

Once you abandon the idea of a guaranteed winning streak, you will have more fun at the casino. Enjoy your playing and relish the occasional jackpot!

There are new “skill-based” slot machines coming to the casinos, mostly to attract younger gamblers. They may not replace traditional slots, but it is exciting to see new technology on the casino floor. We may not even recognize some of the new games of chance as slot machines!

Skill-based “slots”

This is not your mother’s slot machine.

Have fun at the casinos and mind your gambling, so you pay less and enjoy more.

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