Who have been the worst-cast actors for movies featuring familiar characters? For example we collectively tend to agree that Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and Emma Watson was ideal as Belle in Disney’s latest film Beauty & The Beast.

It is not uncommon for studios to cast actors based on their “box-office draw”, and not suitability for a particular part, script, or co-stars. Based on this, you will often wonder “why did this actor get this role”?

Even though this is a personal question, the audience response and box office often tell the story of casting gone wrong. Here are some articles from the web, with interesting commentary — bear in mind it is not my opinion but the authors.

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Starring John Wayne As Genghis Khan: Hollywood’s All-Time Worst Casting Blunders: Damien Bona: 9780806517971: Amazon.com: Books

More Recently, this revival of “The Lone Ranger” attracted a lot of negative attention.

The 2013 remake of “The Lone Ranger” (eBay)

The problem with The Lone Ranger’s Tonto — CBC News

The lone Ranger cost Disney almost $200 million and, despite the racist overtones, was a pretty poor film.

Some actors always play the same character regardless of the story or casting, and others are good actors who are in a role that they can’t believably play. Some actors take on any role, just to “prove” to the world how great their skills are, like John Travolta in Hairspray, as adolescent girl Edna Turnblad.

Sometimes you just have to try and enjoy the show, even if the casting, and the acting, falls short of your expectations!

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